Phillip Ross & James Nichols – founders and co-owners of Metrofiets, LLC

Metrofiets, LLC is a collaboration between James Nichols & Phillip Ross.

Inspired by the classic styling of bicycles from the 1930′s & 40′s; James and Phillip began producing Metrofiets ® in 2007.

Over time, we have developed collaborative relationships with a collection of dedicated artisans and craft people, our sole goal – to bring you the most beautiful, functional cargo bikes ever made. Modern + Classic.

Every Metrofiets ® Cargo Bike is made by hand in the Pacific NW. Yep, made in the U.S.A.!

Our unique geometry, light weight frame and 24 inch front wheel give our bikes a sporty, responsive ride while carrying up to 400 lbs/181kg rider/cargo.

All frames accommodate a wide range of interchangeable cargo beds, boxes or vending modules as well as modern components such as disc brakes, belt drives and electric assists.

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