$150 = Overnight rental. Plus security deposit. Delivery at 10 am – pickup at 9 am the next day.

PORTLAND, OREGON is known for coffee, bikes and beer.

At last count there were over 30 coffee roasters,  35 breweries and one beer bike.

Our first beer bike proved such a success that we built another, more compact, keg hauling, beat thumping party machine – for your rental pleasure.

This custom beer bike is TOTALLY SELF CONTAINED!  It has two taps, a Co2 system, 100 feet of cooling coils, drip tray, full height bar top, towel holder, electric assist, rear rack and a BUMPIN’ LOUD, battery powered stereo system that you can plug your tunes into.

Anyone can rent it – provided that you are over 21, sign some paperwork, have a credit card and have a keg chilled and ready to tap when we arrive.

RENTAL FEES $150 = Overnight rental. Delivery at 10 am – pickup at 9 am the next day.Please call (503) 318-9810 for more info.  Out of town and extended engagements require a quote.

We would like acknowledge the following  following sponsors. Without their help this bike would not be as fun as it is today!

  • Eco Speed
  • F.H. Steinbarts
  • Shimano America Group
  • Stereotypes Audio
  • Sugar Wheel Works
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